Have you been considering the installation of solar panels on your home, but you’re unsure about taking the plunge? The good news is that iChoosr is returning with its ‘Solar Together’ project to provide even more households with solar panels and battery storage, all through its no-fuss, easy-access scheme.

Regions where the scheme is available are as follows:

- Cheshire & Warrington

- Hampshire

- Hertfordshire

- Kent

- Liverpool

- Norfolk

- Suffolk

- West of England (Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire)

Solar Together is all about group buying; by grouping likeminded local residents together they are able to get a collective purchasing price on solar panels and battery storage, which is fixed throughout the duration of the scheme. This is what makes the scheme totally unique, allowing them to offer a competitive price, high-quality products and installations, and an easy, straightforward process.

Business Manager Marie-Louise Abretti explained: “With many installations taking place in one local area, it’s an efficient way for installers to work and by buying materials such as panels and batteries at scale, the scheme creates savings that can be passed on to our customers. The combined purchasing power of thousands of local households helps to get residents a competitive offer.”

So how does it work? Luckily there are only five easy steps to follow:

1. Register: Register your interest for free and without obligation at solartogether.co.uk

2. Auction: Solar Together hold a reverse auction with pre-vetted installers, who compete to offer registrants the most competitive price.

3. Personal recommendation: You will receive a detailed but easy-to-understand personal offer based on your registration details (about your home and energy needs), which is obligation free.

4. You decide: Then it’s up to you to decide whether you want to go ahead and proceed with the installation. The dedicated support team is on hand to answer any questions.

5. Make savings on energy costs: After installation, you will start saving money by generating your own renewable electricity.

And that’s it!

Welwyn Hatfield Times:

For your peace of mind, and the safety of all, iChoosr have a rigorous qualification process for installers to take part in the auctions, ensuring that you receive high-quality products and fittings. All installers must be MCS accredited and either RECC or HIES members to enter the qualification process. And while the solar panels are fitted by independent installers, the work has an insurance-backed guarantee for 10 years.

Optional extras include fitting battery storage so that when it’s dark in the evening, you can draw power from the stored electricity in order to become even more self-sufficient, while those who have already made the switch to electric vehicles will be pleased to know that EV charge points that link to the solar panels can also be fitted to power your car.

The Facts and Figures

The scheme has had 330,000 registrants, having either completed the process and now with solar panels adorning their roof or eagerly waiting to take part. With over 24,500 installations having taken place already and 270,400 solar panels fitted, homeowners can be proud of the knowledge that their contributions are the equivalent of taking 277,000 cars off the road for a full year, reducing CO2 emissions by 507,600 tonnes over the space of 25 years.

All of that, and they’re saving money too!

You’ll also be pleased to know that the Solar Together project is backed by community leaders and local authorities, which will also let householders know that iChoosr is back and registration is now open.

Marie-Louise added: “With rising energy prices, homeowners are looking for opportunities to save on their bills, increase their independence from the grid and reduce carbon emissions. Previous rounds of Solar Together have shown that solar is a first choice for many residents looking to do their bit in the fight against climate change or simply take control of their energy costs through self-generated energy.

“For many, this will be an investment they only make once; the solar and storage market can be complex to navigate alone. Solar Together offers a straightforward way to make an informed decision and access a competitive offer from a vetted provider.”

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Cliff Rush from Winchester had 16 panels and battery storage installed.Cliff Rush from Winchester had 16 panels and battery storage installed. (Image: iChoosr)

What Customers Say

Chris Taylor from Hemel Hempstead had 10 panels and battery storage installed, joining a group of 2,150 other residents who have had solar panels installed thanks to the Solar Together scheme.

"A good service from start to finish! Very pleased with my panels and the way the installation went. I just had my monthly direct debit for electricity reduced too!"

Meanwhile Cliff Rush from Winchester had 16 panels and battery storage installed.

"Our experience with Solar Together has been overwhelmingly positive. The installation was carried out within a few weeks and looks great on our slate roof. We are delighted with our choice and would have no hesitation in recommending Solar Together."

Find Out More

Registration is now open, with no obligation or commitment, until October 27. To find out more or get in touch, visit the website.