With the evolution of the specialist retirement accommodation sector comes a greater selection of options for those enjoying their later years of life.

Leading the charge in this transformation is Birchgrove, a property developer exclusively focused on the rental market within this sector.

The task of buying and selling property can be daunting, especially for those who may not have engaged with the process for several decades.

This can pile substantial additional stress onto individuals who may already be dealing with significant life changes.

The solution, as proposed by Birchgrove, is to remove this hurdle entirely by providing a renting option instead.

Birchgrove is on a mission to revolutionise attitudes towards renting, by offering a hassle-free experience for residents.

Welwyn Hatfield Times:

This approach allows individuals to enjoy imaginative, high-quality, independent living without the regular chores and responsibilities of property ownership, such as building repairs or garden maintenance.

The rental payment offers residents value for money by combining expenses commonly in addition to an owner-occupiers' regular household bills.

These expenditures include electricity, heating, water, housekeeping, broadband, window cleaning, gardening, buildings insurance, security, and more, all covered by the inclusive rent.

Birchgrove also aims to tackle the social issues commonly faced in later life, such as loneliness and isolation, which can have severe impacts on both mental and physical health.

Membership within a Birchgrove retirement community opens opportunities for new friendships and involvement in community life.

An assortment of activities on offer caters to a wide variety of interests, such as hobby and activity sessions, movie nights, bridge and gardening clubs, singing, and crafts.

Birchgrove's retirement communities also boast first-rate communal facilities, including a restaurant, Club Room, licensed bar, wellness suite, and beautifully landscaped gardens among the amenities available.

As we head into the depths of winter and ponder making New Year’s resolutions, Birchgrove proposes 'rightsizing' your way of living and taking control of your future.

By planning ahead, you can make considered choices about your living arrangements and begin to prepare for a move into a new phase of life.

For more information on Birchgrove, details can be found on their website birchgrove.life or call 020 3929 5599.