Hatfield has been named the most boring town in Britain - but a business leader has pointed out how "bustling and vibrant" it really is.

Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce managing director Donna Schultz says she was astonished when she saw the results of the World Bucket List ranking, which also labelled Hatfield the fifth most boring place on Earth.

She said: “I can’t imagine the people who made that list have actually been to Hatfield, as if they visited they would see for themselves how absurd this claim is.

“The town has the university, Hatfield Park – home to Queen Elizabeth I – Hertfordshire Sports Village and so much more. It’s a really bustling and vibrant place. We’re proud to have our own Chamber headquarters here.

“Hatfield has so much going for it. It’s a great place to live, work and shop, and it’s an important part of Hertfordshire’s economic landscape too.”

Welwyn Hatfield Times: Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce managing director Donna Schultz.Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce managing director Donna Schultz. (Image: Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce)

The World Bucket List ranking claimed the most boring place in the world to be Lubbock, Texas, with St Petersburg, Florida, Bratislava, Slovakia, and Pisa, Italy ahead of Hatfield in the top five.

Describing the Hertfordshire town, it said: “Its lack of notable attractions and limited cultural offerings contribute to its reputation as a somewhat underwhelming destination.

“Hatfield caters more to residents seeking a quiet life than to tourists in search of exciting experiences.”