The sentencing of a woman who was found guilty of manslaughter for pushing over an 82-year-old in a Welwyn Garden City bank has been adjourned.

Courtney Richman, of Queens Avenue, pushed Myra Coutinho-Lopez to the floor of Lloyds Bank in Howardsgate, after the pensioner had hit her with her handbag.

She died on December 16, 2021, ten days after the push.

The 26-year-old was found guilty of manslaughter at Luton Crown Court on March 1, and was due to be sentenced last Thursday (May 2).

But, Herts police confirmed to the Welwyn Hatfield Times that the sentencing had been adjourned and no new date has been set.

On December 6, 2021, a dispute began in Lloyds Bank after a queue formed when Mrs Coutinho-Lopez got into a lengthy dispute with a cashier.

Richman, who was in the queue of COVID-mask wearing customers, was heard to say: "Hurry up - people don’t have all day."

Another woman customer, who had been using a cash machine inside the bank, offered to help the elderly woman. As she walked her away, Richman said: "Oh thank God", and applauded.

When Mrs Coutinho-Lopez passed her she told her: "Don’t speak to me like that - you are very rude" and "I bet your boyfriend has left you."

CCTV showed Mrs Coutinho-Lopez swing her handbag and hitting Richman on the back, who then pushed her to the ground.

Mrs Coutinho-Lopez suffered fractures of her left upper arm and thigh bone and bruising to her left upper arm, wrist, the tops of her fingers, around her rib cage and flank.

As well as Alzheimer’s, she suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. As a result of the fractures, fatty substances were released in her body that caused damage to her lungs and brain.

Richman denied manslaughter but was still found guilty.