Back in January Stanley, a handsome neutered male black cat, told his sad story and made a plea for a special home of his own in the Welwyn Hatfield Times.

Well in March this sweet natured, shy boy, who has a distinctive nick in his left ear, had his dream come true and he was adopted by a kind person in the Potters Bar area.

How happy and exciting was this for him and for the Southridge staff and volunteers who had come to know and love him.

He had come from a multi-cat household, so was not used to much individual human companionship, so he had been very anxious and scared when he first arrived at Southridge, spending much of his time hiding in his cat tree.

Although he gradually gained confidence and more trust in people with the kind and gentle attention he received from the wonderful cattery staff and volunteers, he was still somewhat cautious and it was important he went to an adult only home where his thoughtful and patient new owner understood the need for Stanley to settle at his own pace in a quiet and calm home.

All the advice and warnings were followed, and Stanley settled well.

He was kept completely indoors for a long time, to ensure he had properly adjusted and settled before his cat flap was opened and Stanley was allowed to explore the outside world! He loved this and enjoyed coming and going, so all seemed to be proceeding very well.

However, something must have spooked him, because one day he simply disappeared and despite all the precautions that had been taken to ensure he was ready for this next step, and him having seemingly adjusted well to his new freedoms, on May 18, he simply vanished.

His frantic owner along with staff and volunteers from Southridge have done everything to try to find him. A few sightings of a black cat in the area were reported, but these turned out to be another ebony coloured feline who lived locally.

So readers and animal lovers, could you help us to find Stanley by checking sheds, garages and generally scouting your area for this shy little black cat?

Stanley has a distinctive nick in his left ear and a few white hairs on his chest. He almost certainly will not allow anyone to approach him, but if you think you might have had a sighting of him, call us at Southridge and we will go to investigate. Thank you!

Also a little advisory note from Southridge - it would be wonderful if in the holiday period everyone could get into the habit of checking that sheds, outbuildings etc that you plan to secure before you go away and won't be opened until you return are not home to any stray cats.

We've just heard that there has been a promising sighting of Stanley so fingers crossed, but our appeal for help still stands.

To get in touch with RSPCA Southridge email or call 0300 123 0704