The Hertfordshire branch of a national pet charity has used Volunteers Week to thank its army of volunteers for their work.

Blue Cross pet charity expressed its heartfelt gratitude to its volunteer foster carers for their love and care for homeless animals.

Their work involves fostering pets in their homes until they are taken up by permanent owners.

The charity's reach extends across a variety of pets ranging from small ones like degus and chinchillas to dogs, cats, and even horses.

Kellie Brookes, centre manager at Blue Cross Hertfordshire, said: "We are so grateful to all of our volunteers who foster pets for us.

"We know they find the experience incredibly rewarding and some even say it has been life changing, for both themselves and the pets they have cared for.

"Being in a home environment is so much better for pets and it also means more space in our rehoming centres to help animals in desperate need.

"For puppies and kittens it is essential for them to be around the usual household sights and sounds to enable them to grow into happy and confident adult pets."

Blue Cross aims to rehome 10,000 pets per year by 2026.

To achieve this, the charity continues to seek animal lovers in the area to volunteer their time and care as foster carers.

Among the volunteers, Bethan Wood and her daughters have been fostering pets since 2020.

They've dedicated more than 425 hours to the charity.

She said: "My girls and I love fostering for Blue Cross, it's so rewarding and fun!

"When the time comes to take the animal back to the centre we do feel sad, but we know that they'll be going to their forever home which is the best outcome, it also means that we're then able to help more animals".

Volunteer fosterers receive full training and all costs, including travel are taken care of by Blue Cross.

They are also provided with guidance and support throughout their volunteering journey.

For more information on how to join the team as a volunteer foster carer, visit the Blue Cross website, call the Hertfordshire centre on 0300 777 1844, or email