More than 200 children have faced permanent exclusion from Hertfordshire schools since the start of the academic year, data has shown.

Headteachers can permanently exclude any child where there has been a "serious breach" or "persistent breaches" of the school’s behaviour policy.

They can also permanently exclude if they believe that a child remaining in school would seriously harm the education or welfare of others.

According to the latest available data, education officials at the county council have been notified of 228 permanent exclusions since September.

‘Persistent disruptive behaviour’ was given as the reason in 108 of the exclusion cases.‘Persistent disruptive behaviour’ was given as the reason in 108 of the exclusion cases. Thirty-five of those were because of a physical assault against a pupil, with a further 23 relating to a physical assault against an adult.

Persistent disruptive behaviour was given as the reason in 108 or almost half of the cases.

The data also shows that 65 of those permanent exclusions, of which the county council were notified, were later withdrawn.

The data will be presented to councillors at a meeting of the council’s education, libraries and lifelong cabinet panel on Tuesday, June 18.

Pupils at secondary schools made up 193 of the 228 permanent exclusions the county council was notified of. Thirty-one of those involved pupils at primary schools and two in Reception classes.

Most of the permanent exclusions related to children who were either receiving SEN support (81) or had an EHCP (46), of which 35 were withdrawn.