Hello readers

I'd like to introduce myself to you - my name is Rosina and as you can see from my photo I am a very pretty short-haired domestic tabby cat.

I am two years old, spayed and have been here at Southridge for some time just waiting and hoping for my special person or family.

I hope once you have read about me, you will come to visit me, see how wonderful I am and take me home!

My story, although unfortunately not untypical, is a sad one and at the time a terrifying and anxious period for me.

I must have had a home - although I don't remember it much - because I love people and am very affectionate.

However, when I was just a young cat myself, I was abandoned and shortly after gave birth to five gorgeous kittens.

As you can imagine being alone in the world, trying to raise my young family with no proper shelter, no food available for me and trying to provide for the needs of my hungry babies, life was incredibly tough.

Luckily for me we were all rescued by a kind person, and were brought to Southridge, which was such a haven after being on the streets.

We were all in poor condition at that time and needed veterinary treatment, but gradually recovered.

Having warmth, shelter and food available all the time was such a relief and my babies have all thrived thanks to Southridge RSPCA.

I have however been left with an ongoing medical issue with my foreleg, so will need to live locally so I can be monitored by the vet here.

So, now all I need is a home! You couldn't find a more sweet natured and affectionate cat than me.

I absolutely love the attention I receive from staff and volunteers and respond with a gentle purr.

I have a reputation of being a bit of a nosy parker(!) as I am so inquisitive of everything going on around and about.

I would like a calm home where I am the only animal, but I would be happy living with children aged 12 and over.

I will need lots of enrichment as I am a curious cat, and once I am settled will need access to a garden through a cat flap.

So to summarise, I am sweet, affectionate, inquisitive and loving.

So what's not to like? Please come and meet me, I am sure we are made for each other.

To get in touch with RSPCA Southridge email southridge@rspca.org.uk or call 0300 123 0704. Visiting the centre is by pre-arranged, scheduled appointment only. The centre is located in Packhorse Lane, Potters Bar, EN6 3LZ.